My big Greek baby shoot


I met Maria trough Rhonda, another client (Quinn’s mom)) and we scheduled a photo session with baby Kosta.

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Nic and Jay


Recently I covered Nic and Jay’s wedding. What a fun couple! They’ve been together for quite a while and they are so into eachother and so in love that it translated in the pictures.

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Natalie and Kelly’s Wedding

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Since I met Natalie by the phone I noticed she was a very laid back bride, when we met in person I confirmed my suspicions, if there is an opposite of a “Bridezilla” she would be it!  She was very open to ideas and we had an instant connection.


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My first Hindu Wedding

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This couple contacted me for an intimate Hindu ceremony taking place on one of the hotest saturdays this year. It was amazing to be able to witness every step and every tradition of the ceremony.

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